With a Pinterest tutorial or YouTube video, it seems like just about any home task can be accomplished by the eager DIYer. However, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should. There are some tasks that are better left to the professionals, and deep cleaning your tile and grout is one of them.

Here are five reasons why it’s wise to have professionals take care of your tile, stone, and grout cleaning.

Only Professionals Can Remove Deep Down Dirt

Over time, dirt and spills seep into your grout, leaving it discolored, not to mention unhealthy for your family. No matter how hard you scrub, this dirt can’t be completely removed by hand due to the porous nature of tile and grout.

Professionals have techniques and equipment strong enough to lift stains that scrubbing and mopping can’t. Experts even remove sticky residues that attract dirt, and their professional cleaning products won’t leave any behind, either.

Experts Apply A Protective Sealant To Block Dirt And Bacteria

Porous grout surfaces are particularly susceptible to liquid spills. That’s where grout sealant comes in, which is typically applied when grout is installed and acts as a protective barrier. But sealant wears out over time and will need to be reapplied by professionals.

As part of a professional tile, stone, and grout cleaning service, experts will reseal the grout for you. This will help keep out germs and prolong the life of your surfaces.

Don’t Waste Time Scrubbing By Hand

Tile, stone, and grout are extremely difficult to clean by hand, and even the most elbow grease can’t provide professional quality results.

Cement-based grout is extremely porous—meaning it collects dirt, bacteria, and allergens like a sponge. All the scrubbing in the world won’t remove germs that seep deep into your grout and put your family and pets at risk. Instead, you need specialized tools like the experts have to deep clean your tile.

Your time (and your knees and back for that matter) are worth the cost of having the experts clean your tile, stone, and grout for you, and so are the better results they can provide.

Professional Cleaning Is Cost-Effective

Professional tile, stone, and grout cleaners use powerful equipment unavailable to the general public. Letting them use this powerful equipment in your home saves you time and money.

Experts will also provide recommendations for how to best care for your surfaces so you can significantly extend their lifespan, saving you in replacement costs down the road.

Tile, Grout, and Stone Cleaning Makes Your Home Healthier

Our homes are meant to be safe places, but they’re often 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Bacteria, allergens, and pet dander from the air stick to our surfaces and penetrate deep into the grout, triggering allergies and asthma. Plus, grout is the perfect breeding place for mold and bacteria that can be harmful to your health.

With Chem-Dry, you won’t only get brighter tile and grout, but a healthier home, too. In fact, our solution removes 98.6% of bacteria from tile, stone, and grout. Our sealant also keeps germs out and makes maintenance easier.

See how Chem-Dry’s tile, stone, and grout cleaning service works!

How Often Should I Have Professionals Clean My Tile, Stone, And Grout?

It’s recommended to have your tile, stone, and grout cleaned a minimum of once a year. If you have kids or pets, it’s a good idea to aim for twice a year.

The pro’s can give you the results you’re looking for with your tile, stone, and grout. Schedule your appointment today!

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