tile cleaningOutdoor tile is becoming more and more popular in deck, tile, and backyard design. These spaces are frequently used for summer entertaining. In fact, many people use these spaces like an additional room to their home. Whether you’re throwing a pool party, backyard barbecue, or simply having friends over to enjoy the evening, you’ll want to make a good impression. That’s why we’re providing these tips for cleaning and repairing your outdoor tile.  


How To Protect Outdoor Tile

Tile actually withstands extreme weather quite well. The real risk for outdoor tile damage comes from mold growth and cracking due to heavy furniture.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, choose pieces that are less abrasive and have smoother edges. Furniture with rounded bottoms is ideal. Covering the feet of your furniture with protective matting also helps

You can also minimize scratches, cracking and mold growth by applying a high quality sealant to your tile once a year.


Clean Outdoor Tile Daily

This may seem like a big commitment, but performing simple daily maintenance on your tile doesn’t take much time and will help in the long run.

Start by cleaning the tile when it’s dry with tile detergent and a dry sponge. Next, wet the sponge and repeat the process.  

If you have limited time, simply sweet your tile daily and check that the protective padding on the bottom of your furniture is intact.


Professional Tile Cleaning

Rather leave your tile cleaning to a professional? Acme Chem-Dry provides revolutionary indoor and outdoor tile & grout cleaning services. We use all natural cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment to remove dirt and germs from your tile while preventing mold growth.

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