How to Remove Blood from Carpets If you have kids in the house, it’s inevitable that little accidents will happen, and blood might end up in your carpets. Whether from a bloody nose, small cut, or another injury, blood can be a difficult stain to remove. However, that doesn’t mean you have to have it in your carpets forever. Acme Chem-Dry has seen every type of stain over the years and we’re experienced in removing all of them. We’ve put together a guide to help you remove one of the toughest stains: blood.

There are a few options that you have to remove blood stains from carpets:

  • Cold Water – Generously applying cold water to the stain will often help you remove smaller blood stains. You might be tempted to use hot water to remove carpet stains, however, do not use this method with blood! Hot water will cause the stain to set, so use cold water instead.
    1. Remove any blood clots that are embedded in your carpet’s fibers while the stain is dry. 
    2. Take a cleaning cloth and drench it in cold water.
    3. Apply the cloth to the stained area and gently blot at the stain. 
    4. Repeat as needed, replacing soiled cloth with clean ones.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide is great at removing older stains that cold water might not be able to get out. Hydrogen cleans with a bubbling effect, so don’t worry if this happens when you’re cleaning.  
    1. Apply a minor amount of hydrogen peroxide to your sponge.
    2. Dab it on the damaged area of your carpet until it produces a “bubbling effect”.
    3. Allow it to sit for a few minutes so the hydrogen peroxide can do its job. 
    4. Soak up all of the moisture with a dry rag.
    5. Repeat as needed.
    6. Once all of the blood has been removed, clean the hydrogen peroxide up with a cold wet rag.
  • Laundry Detergent – If cold water and hydrogen peroxide fail to completely remove the stains, turn to laundry detergent. 
    1. Put some liquid laundry detergent on the blood stain.
    2. Massage the detergent into the stain with your finger (don’t scrub the stain with another cleaning tool, like a sponge or rag, as it may worsen the stain).
    3. Generously apply cold water to the area to rinse it.
    4. Absorb the moisture with a dry towel.
    5. Repeat as needed. Be sure to rinse all the laundry detergent with cold water and remove with a towel, as leftover detergent can leave a sticky spot in your carpet.

These treatments can do wonders for most blood stains in carpets. For the most part, it’s much simpler to spot clean blood (and takes less time) than it may seem. 

If you try all of these methods and you still can’t get the stain out, it’s time to call in a professional carpet cleaner. If you’re in Tulare County, call the cleaning experts at Acme Chem-Dry. We can remove blood and any other carpet stain you might have. Call us at (559) 434-1111 or schedule your carpet cleaning online.