How Often you need To Clean Your FurnitureOne of the dirtiest things in your home is often your couch. That’s right, the couch that you and your family use all the time. Why is that? Well, we typically remember to wipe down our counters, sweep and mop the floors, and clean our bathrooms. But our attention is often diverted from our couches and furniture—which is where most of the dust and bacteria in our homes settle. That means your furniture gets dirty fast and rarely gets cleaned.

Why You Should Worry About Your Dirty Furniture

Couches and other upholstery in our homes trap dirt, allergens, and bacteria from our air in their soft fibers. This is actually a good thing because it helps improve the quality of the air we breathe. Or at least, it’s helpful for a short while until the fibers become full of contaminants which can cause considerable health risks. 

Take a minute to think about the amount of time you and your family spend on the couch. As you can imagine, body oils, spills, dirty clothes, and more deposit dirt and dangerous germs onto your couch each time you use it. Then they’re then spread throughout the rest of your home and your indoor air.

If you have pets, then you have even more to worry about. Your upholstery will collect fur like a magnet. Plus your pet’s paws are probably depositing dirt, feces, and urine onto your couch (even if they aren’t allowed on the couch, they end up there sometimes!). 

All of these factors can impact the indoor air quality in our homes, trigger allergies, and make us sick. That’s why it’s important to keep your furniture clean. 

How Often Should You Have Your Upholstery Cleaned?

First, it’s important to remember that there’s a big difference between regular vacuuming or spot cleaning and deep furniture cleaning. While you should vacuum your furniture regularly and spot clean stains as they occur, we’re talking about professional cleaning.

Only professional upholstery cleaning can remove the deep-down dirt and grime. Your vacuum will pick up crumbs, but it can’t reach deep within the fibers to remove germs and bacteria. A professional upholstery cleaner will be able to remove stains and dirt that you can see, as well as bacteria and allergens that you can’t.

In order to maintain a healthy home and remove these unhealthy particles, your furniture should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year. If there are animals or children in the home, you should clean your upholstery every 3-4 months. This will help you keep on top of stains and germs that kids and pets often invite. 

Choosing the Right Upholstery Cleaner

Not every upholstery cleaner is created the same. You will want to look for a reputable cleaner in your area who uses advanced cleaning methods. Chem-Dry uses the most advanced cleaning technology in the industry in order to get a drier, cleaner, and healthier clean for your furniture.

Be sure to check out the reviews of the furniture cleaner you are considering before you book them. Stay away from furniture cleaners with many negative reviews as you’re likely to have a bad experience too!

If you’re looking for excellent upholstery cleaning in Tulare County, Ca or the surrounding area, be sure to check out Acme Chem-Dry.