A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Actually, carpet stains happen in this galaxy – in your house, even. Sometimes you clean your carpets and feel like you’ve decimated the resistance. Then, out of the planet Dagobah (or wherever stains come back from), the stain returns, more powerful than ever. You wonder if these stains are actually invincible…

Why the Stain Strikes Back

Let’s examine the three main reasons why stains come back:

  • Steam cleaning may have left behind sticky soap residue that attracts even more dirt and grime. So avoid steam cleaning…“It’s a trap!”
  • The stain was just frozen in carbonite, waiting to reappear in a later movie…er, it wasn’t completely removed so it will work its way back later (even though you can’t see it now).
  • High pressure steam cleaners are guilty of pushing dirt and stains further down into the carpet. Then once the carpet has dried, the dirt and stains are “wicked” back to the surface. Wicking is when soil trapped deep in the carpet resurfaces to the tips of the carpet fibers during drying. It’s kind of like when Anakin lost his battle to Obi-Wan but didn’t actually die and instead went on to lead the dark side to greater power. Kind of.

There’s a New Hope for Getting Rid of Reappearing Carpet Stains

“Help me Chem-Dry, you’re my only hope.” Chem-Dry has a team of experts who have found the answer to this problem! Instead of using steam cleaning machines and bucket-loads of water and soap, Chem-Dry uses the natural Power of Carbonation to bring stains to the top of the carpet (instead of pushing them to the bottom) where they can be thoroughly cleaned and removed for good.

You may have seen club soda removing stains from clothes. Chem-Dry’s natural solution works in a very similar way and uses millions of tiny carbonated bubbles to sink deep into your carpet, break up the stains, and then gently lift them to the carpet’s surface.

With the help of these bubbles, we don’t need to use heavy equipment and soapy formulas like most steam cleaners do. In fact, we use absolutely zero soap and zero detergent. And with only ⅕ of the water, we do a whole lot more work! Our process helps your carpets get cleaner, dry faster, and is still environmentally friendly.

Use the Force of Acme Chem-Dry for Clean and Healthy Carpets

We have years of research and experience backing up our carpet cleaning techniques. So unlike steam cleaners, we can confidently say, “Do or do not. There is no try”. You can trust us to get your carpets looking and feeling beautiful.

May the Power of Carbonation be with you.  Schedule an appointment online today!