What's the Difference Between Rug Care and Carpet CareIf you think that your rug is just like the rest of the carpet in your house, you’re not alone. However, you’re also not correct. Rugs and carpet are similar but different enough that they require different care. If you treat your rugs the same way that you treat your carpets, you might actually damage or ruin your rugs. Here’s why rugs and carpets are different and what that means for their care.

Differing Construction

For starters, rugs and carpets are simply made differently. Carpets are made to be permanently installed, while rugs are designed to hold up to being moved around. In order to achieve these different purposes, they have to be constructed differently. Additionally, rugs can vary widely, with each having a different construction.

Due to this construction difference, carpets must be cleaned in your home, but you can pick rugs up to clean them. This might mean hanging them outside and beating the dirt out, transporting them to a cleaning facility, or even washing small rugs in your home washing machine. Always check the care instructions for your rug before cleaning it.

Delicate Differences

Area rugs are often antiques, while you don’t run into antique carpeting very often. There is also a wider variety of delicate rugs out there. This means that cleaning rugs can often require more training than normal carpets in order to preserve old and delicate rugs. While standard carpet cleaning should be fine for most carpets in your home, look for a certified rug expert to handle your more delicate rugs.

Area Rugs With Fringe

Carpets are made to be wall-to-wall in most cases and don’t come with fringe. However, fringe is common on many types of area rugs. This fringe changes the way that you care for your rugs. You can vacuum all areas of a carpet without fear of damaging it, but you must vacuum rugs with care to avoid vacuuming up fringe. A vacuum can destroy fringe. Consider using an attachment or vacuum without a brush to carefully vacuum the edges with fringe.

Pile Differences

Pile is how thick or close together the fibers in the carpets or rug are. The pile can vary from carpet to carpet and rug to rug, but in general, rugs have a denser pile. This dense pile makes your rugs great at trapping dirt where a vacuum can’t get to it. One solution to remove dirt trapped in the pile is to shake out or beat the rug to release the dirt. You can also have a professional rug cleaner remove the soil for you.

Dye and Color Bleeding

Occasionally carpet cleaning solutions and methods can cause the dye to bleed. Most home carpets are a single color, or even multi-colored without a specific pattern. Were the dye in these carpets to bleed, you probably wouldn’t even notice.  However, rugs often come with intricate patterns. If the dye bled, it would ruin the rug’s pattern. This is why you must be more careful with the cleaning solutions you use to clean rugs. Choose a professional cleaner who will use colorfast cleaning methods to clean these patterned rugs.

Antiquing and Other Washes

While we’re on the subject of dyes, rug sometimes come with an extra wash of dye. This is in order to make a rug appear antique. This layer of wash can be removed if the rug is cleaned incorrectly, which isn’t an issue carpets have. Look for an expert who will not hurt the wash or who reapply the layer after cleaning for best results. 

Expert Cleaning from Professionals

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