What to Do When Your Cat Has an AccidentDo you have a cat? If so, you’re likely to experience a cat accident at least once. Sometimes, for whatever reason, cats go outside of the litter box and make a mess that needs to be cleaned up. When that happened in the carpets, it can be a pain to clean up completely. It might even seem impossible, but it’s not. Here’s what to do when your cat pees in the carpets.

Treat The Stain

Cat accidents can leave unsightly patches in your carpets that let everyone know what happened. If you don’t want a permanent stain you need to act quickly to get the stain out before it sets. Here are a few tips to prevent the stain from becoming a permanent fixture if you’re lucky enough to catch it when it happens.

What to do:

  1. Act quickly. Sometimes accidents happen at the worst time. However, you should take the time to clean up the stain promptly. 
  2. Grab your paper towels. Use a stack of plain white paper towels to soak up as much urine as possible. 
  3. Blot, don’t rub. Rubbing the stain will only push it deeper into the fibers and make it harder to remove. Gently blot or dab at the stain. 
  4. Replace the stack of paper towels when it’s soaked. Don’t keep using the same stack because you’ll likely spread the urine instead of soaking it up.
  5. If the stain is dry, pour cold water on it. Then blot it up with the paper towels. 
  6. Don’t use a cleaner with ammonia. Cat urine contains ammonia, and so not only will it make the sell worse, but also the similar smells could encourage the cat to mark the same spot again.

Take Care of The Odor

Once you’ve taken care of the stain, the odor might linger. If that’s the case, you need to address it. The longer the odor sits, the stronger it will become. 

What to do:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda over the area. Let it sit in, and then vacuum up the baking soda.
  2. Pour a small amount of vinegar on the area. After letting it sit, go over the area with let paper towels to get the vinegar out.
  3. Call a professional cleaner. If you can’t get the small out yourself, it’s probably because the damage runs deep. Look for a cleaner with experience removing pet stains as they will be able to remove the odor at the source.

What to avoid:

  • Don’t use grocery store or DIY solutions, as they will only temporarily mask any odors or stains.
  • If you hire a carpet cleaner, avoid using a steam cleaner. Steam can actually lock in the smell instead of removing it.

Take Preventative Measures

Once you’ve got the stain taken care of, you’re not done. It’s time to take preventative measures so that it won’t happen again. There are a few things that you can do to make a repeat accident less likely. They are:

  • Address problems quickly so that they don’t become “normal” behavior. Don’t get lazy or wait or you will teach your cat it’s okay.
  • Take care of spraying. If your cat is spraying, make it feel secure in its territory. Be sure to give your cat attention and love. 
  • Provide easy access to the litter box. Sometimes cats don’t use the litter box because it’s shut in a different room or otherwise difficult or impossible to get to. Make sure your cat always has access to the litter box. 
  • Clean the litter box often and consistently. Cats will avoid using a dirty litter box, so make sure you scoop it every day and deep clean it and replace the litter every month. 

Investigate Repeat Behavior

If your cat continues to have accidents after you’ve taken care of the step above, it’s time for a deeper investigation. There could be several reasons your cat is not using his litter box, but if it keeps happening, it could be caused by a medical condition, such as digestive disorders or muscle/joint pain. If your cat is regularly having accidents, take him to see your vet. 


You don’t have to live with cat messes in your carpets forever. Just take these simple steps. If you need a little extra help with getting stains out in Tulare County, our pet urine removal experts are happy to help!