The appearance of a home is a reflection of the people who live there. That’s why we mow the lawn, wash the windows, and keep our homes looking nice. One of the first things people notice on the inside of a home is the color, style, condition and cleanliness of the carpet.

Protectant Slows the Stains

Carpet Protectant Acme Chem-DryNearly all carpets are made with a factory-applied stain resistant treatment. However, this treatment loses its effectiveness over time, which then leaves the carpet vulnerable to spills that are absorbed faster than the time it takes you to clean them.

Because Chem-Dry’s unique protectant ‘slows’ the stains from being absorbed, it creates a “window of opportunity” for you to remove stains and spills before they settle in permanently. Although the protectant is invisible, its effects are drastic. Although no carpet is completely invincible to stains, Chem-Dry Protectant gives you a fighting chance.

Why Chem-Dry’s Unique Co-Application Provides Better Coverage

Chem-Dry carpet protectantChem-Dry Protectant is not the same as Other-Guys Protectant. Conclusive testing has proven that our protectant provides better soil protection due to our innovative co-application process, which is much different from our competitors who post apply the protectant after the cleaning has taken place.

If you choose to add protectant along with your Chem-Dry carpet cleaning (and we highly suggest that you do), the protectant is literally added to the cleaning solution, inserted into our machine, and applied to your carpet as it is being cleaned. By using this co-application process, we ensure that the entire carpet fiber from top to bottom is coated in the carpet protectant, not just the tips.

Another benefit of the co-application process is that it does not require any extra moisture, which means it won’t take any extra time for the carpets to dry. Your carpets will still be dry within a few short hours. The other guys’ protectant takes even longer to dry because they have to add even more moisture after the cleaning is done.

Here at Acme Chem-Dry, we realize that your home and your carpets are a big investment. We want to help you take care of that investment by making it last as long as possible! With Chem-Dry Protectant along with regular carpet cleanings from Acme Chem-Dry you will be well-equipped to battle the spots and stains of everyday life, resulting in a cleaner and healthier home. Contact us today to get started!