Back to School Organizational Tips at HomeAs school starts up again, families often experience an increase in the number of commitments they have and in the amount of stress they experience. One of the best ways to make daily life less stressful without cutting back on extracurricular activities is to make sure that the home is organized optimally. Here are our best tips for organization during the school year. 

  1. Utilize your calendar. Nothing is more stressful than realizing that you had to be at soccer practice 5 minutes ago or forgetting an important meeting. Use a calendar to stay on top of everything.
  • Set up a family calendar and put it in a place where everyone can see it.
  • Give each family member a colored pen or marker and have everyone write down all of their events.
  • Track after-school activities, lunch menus, sports practice and games, field trips and other class events, kids’ playdates and sleepovers, and drop off and pick up times, etc. Everywhere you need to be should be on the calendar. 
  • Check the calendar at the beginning of every week so that you know what your commitments for the week are and can plan around them.


  1. Avoid getting sick. As the fall and winter months start to close in, so will cold and flu season. Keep your family healthy by killing germs before you have the chance to get sick.
  • Stay on top of regular cleaning. Consider assigning everyone chores to make sure the house stays clean and healthy.
  • Sanitize the most often touched places, such as sink faucets and light switches, regularly.
  • Don’t re-use clothes, especially school clothes, until they’ve been washed.
  • Give your kids a travel size hand santizer for their backpacks and teach them to use it before eating or touching their face.


  1. Organize the closets. One of the biggest tasks in the morning is making sure that everyone gets dressed in appropriate clothing in a timely matter. Make it easier for everyone. 
  • Go through the closet and pull out everything that doesn’t fit. 
  • Also set aside clothes that you won’t be needing right away, like sweaters. Take these out of storage as the weather changes.
  • Organize the remaining clothes into types. Pull all school shirts in one section, play shirts in another, and sports uniforms in their own section. 
  • Encourage children to pick out outfits the night before to make it even easier to get dressed.


  1. Create a home base for important items. Another thing that can slow you down int eh morning is tracking down missing homework or a lost shoe. Set up an area for important items so you know right where to find them. 
  • Use hooks to hang backpacks and jackets. 
  • Cubbies are great for keeping pairs of shoes together. 
  • A drawer or shelf is the perfect place to put your keys and wallet.
  • Encourage children to return homework to their backpacks as soon as they are done with it (and hang the backpack up) so it doesn’t get lost.
  • Spend a few minutes a week tidying the area and removing unnecessary items so it remains as useful as possible.


  1. Create a homework area. It can be hard to get kids to sit down and do their homework, but making the homework space as fun and functional as possible helps. 
  • Designate a specific area for doing homework. It might at a desk in their room or a nook in the family room with a table.
  • Decorate the area with motivating quotes.
  • Gather everything they might need for homework, such as pencils and scissors and put in the same spot.
  • Make sure there are minimum distractions, such as a nearby TV, during homework time.


School can be stressful for everyone involved, but with some basic home organization tips it can be much easier. We’re wishing you a happy school year from everyone at Acme Chem-Dry.