advanced holiday cleaning checklistAre you getting ready for holiday parties and guests coming over? If so, you’re probably cleaning your house frantically. You’ve swept the floors, removed all of the kids’ toys from the living room, and washed out the bathroom sink. That’s all great, but do you want a pretty clean home, or do you want a perfectly clean home? If so, here is the advanced holiday cleaning list for the hostess who wants her home to be next level clean. It’s all of the places most people forget to clean, but that you’re not going to miss. 

  • Tile. I know you’re already swept and probably even mopped your tile flooring already, but hear me out. When was the last time you really scrubbed your tile and especially the grout? Grout is especially porous and holds onto germs, dirt, and more. Take the time to really scrub your grout, or call in an expert to get your tile and grout back to its original color. 
  • Furniture Upholstery. You cleared off the couches and threw a throw blanket over the back, so you’re good right? Not so. Upholstered fabric holds lots of germs, dirt, body oils, dust, and more. Just think about how often you and others use your furniture. You definitely want to make sure that you clean your furniture well. Vacuum it, and if you have a removable cover, follow the washing directions for that. This is always something that you can call in a professional for best results as well. 
  • Carpets, Rugs and Mats. Carpets are similar to upholstery in that they receive a lot of wear and tear and accumulate a lot of contaminants. Even if you vacuum daily, your carpets will build up dirt. Maybe you even have stains you’ve forgotten about or recent pet stains. Take the time to clean your carpets. You can rent a steam cleaner or–you guessed it–call in a carpet cleaner
  • Curtains and Blinds. Another piece of fabric in your home is curtains. Yes, even those tend to build up dust. Read the care instructions on the label of your curtains; most can be thrown in the washing machine. While your curtains are being cleaned, run a damp washcloth over your blinds to pick up any dust that has settled there. 
  • Mattress. I know that it’s gross to think about, but everyone sweats and sheds skin overnight. And where does that all go? Your mattress. Vacuum your mattress and flip it over (mattresses should be rotated once a season for the best results and longest lasting comfort). Make sure to wash your sheets, pillows, and other bedding while you’re at it. Do the guest bed room too, especially if you have a pet who lays on the bed!
  • On Top of Furniture. When was the last time that you dusted the top of your book cases? Or cleaned out your light fixtures? Take a minute to figure out what the neglected high points in your room are and dust them. While you might not see these surfaces, they will promote a healthy home by eliminating dust that falls to the floor.
  • Behind Stove and Refrigerator. Over time, crumbs, grease and other unwanted particles accumulate in these areas, providing a food source for insects and other pests. If possible, move the appliance out from the wall and unplug. Using a long-handled, slightly damp sponge, mop the back of the appliance to lift dust from the surface and then wipe the floor and walls with hot soapy water. Be sure to plug your appliances back in when you’re done. 

There you have it. Make sure that you clean these places in your home and all of your guests will marvel at how well kept your house is. And if you don’t have time to do it all yourself, there’s no shame in calling a little professional help.